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As a first-time homebuyer, I met with several realtors when I began shopping for a home. After my first phone call with David, I knew he was the one that I wanted to help me navigate the difficult San Francisco housing market. He guided me through the entire process. He was honest, he was diligent, and he went way above and beyond. With David's help, I closed on my first home in January of 2016. Thank you David!

Greg M.

Searching for and buying your dream home is supposed to be fun. Doing it in San Francisco is anything but fun. That was until I met David Poulsen. His experience and expertise allowed me to forge ahead and purchase the home of my dreams. Not only did I find the perfect home, but strategically bought it under my expected purchase price. This could have only been done with the help of David. He did the impossible, and especially impossible in San Francisco. Before I met David, I had other realtors convince me to make offers on houses I could not afford, on houses that were overpriced, on houses that had hidden flaws that would have been prohibitively expensive to fix, and to make offers that had missing contingencies . Thankfully I was outbid on those houses. As one example of David's expertise, he discovered that there was a zoning problem on a property that ultimately the banks would not fund. His early discovery prevented a month of work applying for a loan, and then being turned down for funding because of this hidden flaw. Don't take a chance in this crazy market. Go with David. Thanks David for all your help!

Frank L.

David was an indispensable ally for a first-time buyer like me, helping to navigate the competitive San Francisco real estate market. He has experience in all facets of the market, residential to commercial. He's also built subdivisions, and served on the Planning Commission.

David was a voice of calm and wisdom during the entire process, and added a personal touch throughout.

There are several key things David did to help me land the deal

 1) I was competing with all cash offers (in fact, my offer had the lowest % down). David was very active in coordinating between the selling agent and my loan officer. He went above and beyond to make sure the sellers understood that financing wasn't going to be an issue with my offer.

 2) David recommended I write a personal letter about how much the house meant to me. I was skeptical at first, but in the end the sellers mentioned that even though my offer wasn't the highest the letter made the difference, knowing that their house would be going to a "real person."

 3) The place I purchased needed some work. I went to the open house on a Sunday, and was mulling putting in an offer but was hesitant because of the condition. Monday at 2pm I called David, and he got in touch with a general contractor that he works with and had him rush over to the place on short notice to check it out. Doing a second walk-through with a contractor by my side was invaluable in giving me the confidence that the work needed was manageable. The next day I put in my offer, and the rest is history :-)

 I don't think the deal would have closed with a different agent!

Harman N


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